Wii U RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X Heads West This December


Earlier today, Nintendo hosted its annual E3 Digital Event which proved to be jam-packed of iterations on existing IP; be it the adorable Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Yoshi’s Woolly World or the Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam crossover. For those more inclined toward the JRPG genre, though, one announcement would have stood head and burly shoulders above the rest: Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X will make its way west in time for Christmas.

That’s right, the reputable developer confirmed that the massive open-world RPG will be available for North American Wii Us from December 4. As another installment in the Xeno series, Xenoblade Chronicles X is the spiritual successor to 2011’s Wii exclusive – which has since been ported over to the New Nintendo 3DS handheld.

Placing a heavy emphasis on exploration, X will see players stalk the vast expanses of an alien planet in the year 2054. With Earth all but destroyed following a catastrophic battle between two waring extra-terrestrial races, the remnants of humanity have taken to the stars in giant mobile homes known as arks. The biggest of which, the White Whale, soon crash lands on Mira, a planet overrun by alien nasties. In order to build and establish the “New Los Angeles,” players are going to have to contend with their fair share of enemies. Bring on the grind!

Following its Japanese debut back in April, Wii U owners can look forward to the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X on December 4 when the RPG semi-sequel makes its way west.