Wolfenstein: The New Order Has Nowhere To Run In This New Trailer


In the fictional version of the 1960s that Wolfenstein: The New Order presents, the Nazi regime remains as both a dangerous power and an absolute threat. To stop them from continuing their evil and sadistic ways, players must take control of B.J. Blazkowicz, and use whatever means become necessary, be it guns, explosives, advanced technology or (seemingly) even mechsuits.

Below, you’ll find the game’s brand new trailer, which is appropriately titled Nowhere to Run. During its visceral, action-packed and thoroughly entertaining run time, characters and plot elements are introduced alongside intense gameplay sequences. To say what’s presented looks good would be an understatement.

Wolfenstein: The New Order sets itself up as an alternate reality-based shooter, wherein the Nazis have survived after winning World War II with advanced technology. As such, it has the potential for some very interesting plot lines which we are extremely eager to explore.

Thankfully, the wait won’t go on for much longer, as Wolfenstein: The New Order will launch on May 20, for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the new trailer below and let us know if you’re looking forward to another adventure in the Wolfenstein world.

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