World Of Final Fantasy Is A Cutesy Greatest Hits Of Square’s RPG Series


Cactaur! Behemot! Chocobos! It can only be the vibrant, wonderfully weird universe of Square’s Final Fantasy series, and for the latest spinoff, the publisher is building an all-new experience in the form of World of Final Fantasy.

Though it will always be remembered as a not-so-subtle primer for the eye-popping reveal of the Final Fantasy VII remake, during Sony’s conference, Adam Boyes revealed that the peculiar RPG will be making its way onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016.

Going off of the trailer embedded above, we’re expecting a globe-trotting adventure that will see a brother and sister embark on a quest that is essentially a greatest hits of the Final Fantasy series. Furthermore, there’s a segment in the footage where the siblings are transformed from cutesy figures to more realistic characters, perhaps indicating that World of Final Fantasy will take place over various time periods, as well as settings.

Overall, it’s been a busy few days for Square’s adorned franchise, one no doubt dwarfed by Midgar’s imminent facelift. In tandem with this, the Japanese publisher announced plans to postpone the upcoming PS4 port of FFVII, while Square hinted at providing an update for the remake itself at the year’s end.

Details are still thin on the ground regarding World of Final Fantasy, though we do understand that Square will release the most peculiar RPG for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016.