WWE 2K16 Creation Studio App Will Allow You To Become A Superstar


We’ve previously discussed the importance of the assorted creation tools available to you in WWE 2K16, with the create-a-superstar being one of the biggest. While most typically use the feature in order to craft wrestlers that may have missed the roster, some may prefer to make a digital replica of themselves. Now, in order to help out these users, 2K Games has announced that the Creation Studio app will launch close to the full game’s release.

Using this free app, which will be available on both iOS and Android devices, gamers can easily upload a selfie to the WWE 2K16 servers. This feature serves as an upgrade to the logo manager that was introduced in last year’s iteration of the franchise. While that feature will also be returning this time around, the app will help make things a little bit easier.

Besides being used to imported faces, the Creation Studio app will additionally let players import any logo of their choosing. After importing a logo in the same way you would do a selfie, you can then place it on a brand new title, show or superstar. No word on whether or not 2K Games will let you import a Pepsi logo for your CM Punk custom character, though.

Alongside the announcement for the Creation Studio app, 2K Games also released one final trailer for the title. While it may not contain any new information on WWE 2K16, it does showcase the assorted online modes that will be featured at launch. As to be expected, gamers will be able to face off against each other online, as well as download uploaded custom characters.

WWE 2K16 will bring the pain to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 27th.