Xbox One Exclusive ReCore Delayed Until The Second Half Of 2016



Oh boy, the big name titles are falling left, right and centre as far as the Xbox One’s line-up of exclusives is concerned. Scalebound was first, but now ReCore has been delayed, too.

Brows first started to become furrowed when Microsoft released their 2016 game release schedule just a few days ago. On it, the new IP by Keiji Inafune – of Mega Man fame – was simply listed with a vague ‘2016’ date – a drastic change from the original one of ‘Spring 2016.’

Since then, a spokesperson for ReCore‘s developer – Comcept – released a statement to Engadget clarifying just when exactly the game is supposed to be released.

We have not yet set a launch date for ReCore however the game will be ready in the latter half of 2016. We’ll have more to share soon on ReCore, please stay tuned.

Oh great, vague answers. Bizarrely, the “latter half of 2016” date flies right in the face of the game’s original release date, so which one is right? Well, this is the most recent, so one can only assume we now won’t be seeing ReCore until at least late Summer onwards.

Microsoft have described ReCore as taking place in a world where you play as “one of the last remaining humans,” where you “forge friendships with courageous robot companions” and “lead them on an epic adventure through a mysterious, dynamic world/”

If you want to find out more of what little we currently know of the ReCore, you can see the announcement trailer here.

Source: VideoGamer

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