One Of Xbox One’s Best Horror Games Is On Sale For $3 For Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner and Microsoft, clearly keen to give Xbox owners something to celebrate the occasion with, has just slashed the price on one of the console’s best horror titles to date. SOMA, Frictional Games’ relentlessly scary underwater nightmare, is available to purchase digitally right now for just $2.99, a whopping 90% discount on the usual $29.99 asking price. Those currently unable to reach their consoles and thus take advantage of the deal needn’t worry, either – there are still a few days left to go until the sale period ends.

Released back in 2017, SOMA had remained (until earlier this month, in fact) Frictional’s most recent effort, a title relinquished to Amnesia: Rebirth, a direct sequel to the 2010 original which went viral after a number of YouTubers, including PewDiePie, released Let’s Play series, massively boosting its exposure to horror fans in the process.


For those unfamiliar with SOMA‘s premise, we’ll refrain from divulging too much (it’s best experienced first-hand), but suffice it to say, you play as Simon Jarrett, the survivor of a hideous car accident who’s awoken from life-saving surgery in an underwater installation, PATHOS-II. While outwardly appearing to be a long-abandoned submarine research facility, Simon soon discovers that not all is as it seems in his new home, which now only houses hostile synthetic and biological lifeforms. The rabbit hole sinks to incredible depths from there on out, but again, we won’t spoil the surprise for you. For $3, there’s no reason not to experience the story for yourself.

If, on the other hand, SOMA simply doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, Sony has plenty of alternatives at hand to coax your wallet open. PlayStation 4 owners currently have a wealth of options at their fingertips for the Halloween weekend. See here for all the details.