Xbox Live Rewards Program Relaunched


During Microsoft’s transition away from Microsoft Points, the company briefly discontinued the use of the Xbox Live Rewards program. However, in the lead up to the impending launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has brought it back.

In the previous iteration of the program, gamers were able to earn points by completing a variety of tasks such as filling out surveys or making purchases on the Xbox Live Marketplace. While most of these challenges remain, as this helpful graph points out, there will be more options available for completion than ever before.


As you can see, by accomplishing things such as spending time enjoying a new release, you will be rewarded with additional credit. Also referenced on the chart is the idea of completing punchcards. These punchcards will most likely be tied to specific purchases that have to be made. For instance, you can see the ‘My Map Pack Punchcard’ up above. In order to earn the 5,000 credits offered, gamers will have to purchase five different map packs during the time period that the task is available.

Upon accumulating 5,000 credits, the amount will be converted into your local currency and will be able to be used on the Xbox Game Store. For those wondering, 5,000 credits roughly translates to around $4 in the United States.

As of right now, gamers can still get in on completing punchcards involving the purchase of map packs, renting or buying videos and buying and using certain apps available for the Xbox 360. All of these current punchcard promotions will end on October 31st however. This is most likely paving the way for a new set of tasks to launch around the same time the Xbox One launches in November. If you are interested, you can sign up on the Xbox Live Rewards homepage.

After all the negative news surrounding the Xbox One, it looks like Microsoft is trying to get back into the good graces of their fans with the relaunching of the Xbox Live Rewards program. After all, what does the public love more than free credit?

Speaking of the public, what do you, the reader, think of the Xbox Live Rewards program? Let us know in the comments.