Microsoft Points Are Finally Retired


This should have happened ages ago but finally, today, Microsoft has unleashed an Xbox Live update that has retired Microsoft Points. If you had a balance left on your account, it will be converted to the currency of your region and will be rounded up to the nearest quarter dollar.

The company first announced their intention to do away with the system back at E3, but I had actually totally forgotten that this was going to happen, so when I turned on my Xbox today to purchase something from the Xbox Live Marketplace, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise.

I honestly don’t know why Microsoft though it would be a good idea to use anything but real currency in the first place but I’m very happy to see that they’ve come to their senses. I’ve always hated Microsoft Points and hated the idea of them. Having to buy more points than you need and then having extras left over was always every gamer’s worst nightmare.

Now we can do away with all that and finally just use normal, everyday currency, and boy does it feel good. I have no doubt that this will create many more transactions on the Marketplace as people will likely enjoy using real money better than those silly points.

Tell us, are you happy about the retirement of Microsoft Points?