Xbox One Demos MIA, Though Major Nelson Claims A Change Is Coming

Larry Hryb aka "Major Nelson"

Ah, the Xbox One. The massive block of high-tech mass from the house that built Windows seems to getting off to a fair start with some enjoyable exclusive content such as Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5, and some not so enjoyable content like Ryse: Son of Rome. Unfortunately, another eye-catching piece of news was revealed yesterday by the great Wizard of One, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, when he noted that Microsoft is no longer requiring developers to create demos for the games on their downloadable service — although he does assure us that the problem is only temporary.

No definite word has been made by either Microsoft or any of its developers if they are going to eschew releasing demos for their games, but one can only imagine the scary consequences for consumers that would result from this risky decision-making. For example, if there are no longer demos for Xbox One games it could deter people from looking for, and buying, unique indie gaming experiences. Or they could simply start to look for those titles on other systems, like the PS4 — which has already been labeled as the more indie developer friendly console.

What do you think of Microsoft’s decision to lift the demo mandate on developers for Xbox One games? Will this move will cripple the thriving marketplace of last generation that Microsoft created by not giving people access to demos? Or do you think that demos may be a thing of the past and Microsoft’s sales will still be as strong as they have ever been?