Official Xbox Series X Logo Seemingly Revealed


The Xbox Series X logo may have just been revealed.

A trademark filed by Microsoft on April 16th showcases the updated logo, which includes more than just gaming consoles – posters, bags, keychains, glasses, trading cards, and a bevy of other items can use it, too. Suspiciously, the listing also leaves off the “Xbox” tag, adding to the credibility of rumors that “Series X” literally refers to a series of consoles rather than a single model.

Microsoft has been pretty forthcoming with their next-gen plans, even going so far as to reveal their new Xbox Series X as early as last year’s Game Awards ceremony. With a full year between the reveal and the upcoming holiday 2020 release, there’s been plenty of time for the company to roll out new information about the system’s capabilities, its game library, and their overall goals for the ninth generation of consoles.

What we know so far is that Microsoft’s new console will be immensely powerful, backwards compatible across every generation of Xbox so far, and will sport an SSD to help with load times and pausing/resuming of games. Excitingly, Halo: Infinite will launch day one alongside the Xbox Series X, ensuring that fans will show up on release day in droves to get their hands on the new and impressive console.

Sony, meanwhile, is dragging their feet on announcing information about their next-gen offerings. While they revealed the logo, specs, and controller for the PS5, they’ve been strangely quiet on games and showcasing anything about the console itself. This has done wonders for Microsoft, who fell far behind Sony throughout the current generation, giving them an opportunity to take the lead in showing off the capabilities of next generation hardware.