Xbox Series X Release Date Reportedly Leaked

Halo Infinite

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has put the company in the spotlight since its big reveal at the Game Awards last December, and the hype surrounding it has continued to grow every day. So far, they’ve shared a lot about the new hardware, such as its staggering level of power, controller reiteration and immense catalog of backwards compatible games that will be enhanced for the console at launch. What we still don’t know, however, is specifically when that launch will be, how much it will cost or when we can pre-order it.

Notably, Microsoft and Sony remain locked in a stand-off over pricing, which has seemingly delayed our ability to pre-order the new consoles and contributed to the reason why we don’t quite yet know exactly when either system will release this holiday season. Of course, the PlayStation 4 beat the Xbox One in the current generation in both pricing and power out of the gate, so it’s understandable why Microsoft is so focused on ensuring they provide good value and win over some customers they may have lost from that debacle.

For those of us waiting to hear more, though, it’s been an exhausting experience to watch the two gaming giants fiddle their thumbs as they try to outlast the other, but eventually someone has to break, right? We sure hope so, but until that moment, it seems an unexpected leak may have just given us the launch date of the Series X.

A listing on the Microsoft Store for Yakuza: Like A Dragon – confirmed to be a launch title for the console – shows a release date of November 13th, which is a Friday, one of the two primary days for major gaming and hardware launches. Of course, this doesn’t confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that the new console will launch that day, but November is when most analysts and consumers expect the upcoming consoles to release, so this little leak may have at least given us a pretty good indication that the Series X will be coming that month.

We’ll surely hear more about the release date of the Xbox Series X from Microsoft very soon, but in the meantime, you can take a look at the very first Halo: Infinite gameplay to get you hyped for launch day.