Marvel reveals new Spider-Man logo combining all 3 eras

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by Keane Eacobellis

Marvel just unveiled a new take on the iconic Spider-Man logo, combining three eras of Spider-Man into a single image.

The logo was unveiled along with a slew of other merchandise, all featuring characters from the latest Spider-Man release, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Marvel shared a gallery of the fresh new selections to its official website, where fans can go to peruse their options and drool over the t-shirts, socks, backpacks, and mugs.

The merch revealed by Marvel isn’t exclusive to the three Spider-Men, either. A number of products feature villains from the recent film, stylishly transformed into eye-catching attire. Each of the film’s main villains gets at least one solo product, while some of the film’s more popular baddies — like Green Goblin — have several selections. Logically, the majority of Marvel’s newly unveiled products feature the three Spider-Men in a variety of poses, many of which highlight various quotes from the film.

One of Marvel’s most exciting new designs features the logos of each iteration of Spider-Man included in the film. Tobey Maguire’s take on the character featured a sharp-legged but balanced logo on his chest, while Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker wore a more stylized, lanky take on the design. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man features a blockier, more compact version of the iconic logo, leaning into the techy vibes of his version of the character.

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Photo via Marvel

The three logos combine to create a slightly clustered but very interesting take on the popular emblem. Holland’s logo is at the very back of the lineup, providing a solid black background that helps the logo’s more angular predecessors to stand out. Placed atop Holland’s logo is Garfield’s, colored in a deep blue and stretching several inches past the bottom edge of Holland’s. At the top of the stack, Maguire’s early 2000s-era logo stands out in a bold red, placed perfectly in the center of the other logos. The careful consideration of color scheme and placement somehow allows each of the three logos to stand out in their own way, despite the fact that both Holland and Garfield’s logos are somewhat obscured by Maguire’s.

The logo, which may appear a bit messy at first glimpse, gets more appealing with each return. It somehow manages to communicate the spirit of each iteration of the character through its simple design, and manages a casual, but splendidly geeky, final look.

Several of the other merchandise options are just as appealing, particularly to fans of particular moments in the film. Garfield’s beloved ad-lib appears frequently among the various designs, proclaiming “I love you guys” across several shirts and one delightful pair of socks.

Spider-Man merch
Photo via Marvel

Each of the products listed on Marvel’s site is currently available for purchase from a number of retailers.

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