The #1 Movie On Netflix Today Is A Forgotten Nicolas Cage Film

Nicolas Cage

The Netflix Top 10 most-watched movies chart is a fascinating thing, offering interesting insight into what subscribers are gravitating towards. Often, you’ll get the usual suspects on there like the newest Netflix original or a classic fan favorite. But just as often, there’ll be some surprises, as is the case today.

Arriving last week on the platform was a Nicolas Cage film called The Frozen Ground. An enjoyable, but unremarkable crime thriller, it didn’t make much of an impact when it released back in 2013 and was more or less completely forgotten about shortly after it hit theaters.

But not long after being added to Netflix, it began to make waves. At first, it was popping up in some of the lower sports on the chart and after picking up a fair bit of steam over the last few days, it now sits as the #1 movie on the streaming site. Yes, believe it or not, The Frozen Ground is currently the most-watched film on Netflix.

The Frozen Ground

For those who’ve never seen it, the pic is based on the story of the hunt to bring real-life serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cuasack) to justice, with Cage’s Alaska State Trooper leading the charge. All things considered, it’s a perfectly fine movie, with a solid performance from the National Treasure star in particular. But it’s also nothing special and doesn’t do much to set itself apart from countless other crime thrillers cut from the same cloth.

Still, that hasn’t deterred Netflix subscribers, as evidenced by its position on the Top 10 chart today. And though it likely won’t remain at #1 for too long given the glut of content that the platform has arriving tomorrow, you can bet that The Frozen Ground will continue to attract a steady stream of new viewers for some time yet.