The 12 Most Emotional Deaths In Superhero Movies

12) Every Time Batman’s Parents Die – Various Movies

In the three modern movie incarnations of the Dark Knight, we’ve seen a new version of the most formative event in Batman’s life each time – the death of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. All three iterations are deployed with a lot of skill by their respective directors to bring home the drama; namely Tim Burton’s stylized, silent scene in 1989’s Batman and Zack Snyder’s opening credits version in Batman V Superman. 

The most impactful, though, has to be the Batman Begins take, as we spend the most time with young Bruce and the Waynes in that movie. An extra layer is added to the tragedy in that it’s sort of Bruce’s fault, as his fear causes them to leave the theatre and inadvertently head to their doom.

11) Jean Grey Dies – X2


When Jean Grey died in order to save the rest of the team from perishing at Alkali Lake at the end of X2, no X-Men fan truly believed that she would stay dead. After all, being resurrected is pretty much her MO. Still, the scene was brilliantly done, culminating in the moving image of Logan and Scott reacting to her loss in different ways – Logan is struck dumb, Scott is an emotional wreck.

Of course, this moment was completely ruined by X-Men: The Last Stand, which resurrected Jean in such a way that it butchered the classic Dark Phoenix saga. But hey ho, at least her death in X2 was still a memorable one. Plus, it looks like Bryan Singer is about to give us a proper adaptation in the upcoming X-Men: Supernova.