10 Hilarious Movie Sex Scenes

sex tape

This weekend, moviegoers will be treated (?) to the sight of Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz repeatedly getting it on during Sex Tape, as their characters attempt to recreate every single position from The Joy of Sex and spice up their marriage in the process. Expect lots of big laughs and raunchy sight gags… though one thing audiences shouldn’t be hoping for is something they haven’t seen before. After all, the beast with two backs is hardly an endangered species in Hollywood, and there are always plenty of steamy sex scenes heating up multiplexes. What’s a little bit less common, however, are scenes that play getting down and dirty for laughs, intentionally or otherwise.

But in honor of Sex Tape, our brave writers have looked back at cinema to find some of the funniest instances of stars bumping uglies on screen. Though we feel that it would be unfair and just too damn hard to pit the scenes that you’ll read about below against one another to determine the all-time funniest scene, you can read on to find ten of the most hilarious cinematic rolls in the hay.