10 Reasons Why Another Indiana Jones Movie Is A Great Idea

10) The Odds Have Been Good So Far


Understandably, fans are apprehensive about Spielberg returning to the Indiana Jones franchise when he got the last one so wrong. For some, it’s seen as a George Lucas scenario: filmmaker returns to his own much-loved world after a long break, only to have forgotten what it was that made people fall in love with the films in the first place. And like Lucas’ Star Wars prequels, Crystal Skull was heavy with unnecessary CGI, tinkered with the original tone and featured some downright annoying new characters.

People are forgetting, though, that George Lucas screwed up with the prequels three times, whereas Spielberg has only stumbled once with his Indiana Jones movies. So far, the odds of getting a good Indiana movie as opposed to a bad one have been pretty solid.

Out of four movies, Spielberg has only made one dud Indiana Jones picture to date. Going forward, we can still afford to give this master filmmaker the benefit of the doubt, can’t we?