10 Reasons Why We Should Temper Our Excitement For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

10) Critics Aren’t Allowed To See It

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Footage

J.J. Abrams is wont to keep the content of his films a secret as close to release date as possible, in order to save audiences from spoilers and keep the story fresh (especially if ardent, long-term fans like Trekkies or Star Wars obsessives are involved). This was the reason the filmmaker gave when it turned out The Force Awakens wouldn’t be screening in advance for critics, even if that meant Episode VII skipping awards consideration.

It sounds like a pretty altruistic reason to hold back a movie, and an odd decision for the industry in general when studios thrive on advance buzz. Perhaps Abrams’ account is genuine though (it’s not like the new Star Wars movie needs any added buzz).

Still, keeping a film out of the sight of critics until just four days before its release (a lucky few will see Episode VII before anyone else at the December 14th LA premiere) has historically rarely been a sign that the movie in question is a home-run.