10 Villains Who Could Kickstart The Spider-Man Reboot


Earlier this year, we brought you a list of ten characters that we’d love to see appear in the Spider-Man re-reboot, comprised of a few friends, foes and females from Peter Parker’s comic life. Now, with the news that new Spidey star Tom Holland has reportedly already filmed his Captain America: Civil War cameo, we thought it was time to start pondering which of the character’s iconic villains could kick his latest screen adventure off on the right foot!

Co-producer Kevin Feige was quoted as saying he’d like to see new, unseen-on-screen villains used when the new reboot arrives in 2017. While this rules out more than a handful of the Wall Crawler’s foes, he’s certainly not short in this department. Fortunately, there are still a plethora of interesting and dangerous baddies that Marvel’s favourite son could face off against when the studio gets their hands on him.

So, we’ve put together a list of ten such villains who could really kickstart the Marvel Studios era Spider-Man. Read on to find out if your favourite foe makes the cut…

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