Gallery: 10 Characters We Want To See In The Spider-Man Reboot

This one's likely a long shot, as injecting the bloody antics of Frank Castle into the teenage sensibilities of a John Hughes flick don't quite fit Feige's vision, but it's something we'd love to see nonetheless. The Punisher made his comic book debut in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #129, and fans have longed to see the two characters meet up on screen ever since. With Peter Parker now able to exist in the pre-established MCU, and with the Punisher set to make his debut into that universe in Daredevil's second season next spring, there's no better time to merge these two characters and keep the exciting crossovers going. Plus, with Punisher already established, director Jon Watts wouldn't have to waste precious screentime giving Castle an origin story and could instead spend that time on the things we REALLY want to see. He doesn't have to be the main villain, but some kind of cameo or small role would be a great nod to the fans.