10 Reasons Why Batman V Superman Can’t Top The Dark Knight Trilogy


There are a lot of problems with Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. A lot a lot. That doesn’t mean it’s completely without its merits, however: Ben Affleck’s new Batman – the Batfleck, if you will – is a far cry from Christian Bale’s wounded street fighter, and while this version of the character might hardly be faithful to the comics, the Batfleck is still one of the few aces that Batman V Superman has up its sleeve.

As our own Isaac Feldberg put it, “Affleck, whose casting provoked a hitherto-unprecedented backlash from fans, is actually great.” The Superman side of the movie may be lacking (and then some), but the ingredients for a solid Batman movie are there.


The question is, though, how those elements stack up against the Caped Crusader’s previous cinematic outing, and arguably his best yet – Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Obviously, it was always going to hard for Snyder and Affleck to top what Nolan and Bale did with Batman. And try as they might, Nolan’s trilogy still comes out on top.

On that note, join us as we take a look at ten reasons why Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t quite top the Dark Knight saga.