2 Great Leonardo DiCaprio Movies Hit Netflix Next Month


Leonardo DiCaprio tends to be hugely selective when it comes to choosing the roles he signs on to, unless of course he gets a phone call from Martin Scorsese, in which case he’ll come running. The legendary filmmaker first collaborated with DiCaprio on Gangs of New York, and since then they’ve gone on to forge a bond that mirrors the one between Scorsese and Robert De Niro at their peak.

After first working together on the aforementioned pic, the actor and director have teamed up again on The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island and The Wolf of Wall Street, all of which scored widespread critical and commercial acclaim. In fact, Shutter Island is the only one that wasn’t nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, but it still remains one of the finest psychological thrillers to come out of Hollywood in the last decade or so.


The 46 year-old doesn’t tend to do big budget blockbusters, either, so when he does agree to star in an effects-heavy epic, you can guarantee it’ll be of the highest quality, which most definitely applies to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The second biggest box office hit of the leading man’s career behind James Cameron’s Titanic, the time-bending heist thriller is arguably the closest thing the Academy Award winner has done to a glossy action movie, but boasts no shortage of smarts to go along with the style.

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently hard at work on his first ever Netflix original movie as part of Adam McKay’s star-studded Don’t Look Up, but both Shutter Island and Inception are coming to the platform next month on February 1st to tide over his army of fans who can’t wait to see the Anchorman, The Big Short and Vice director’s latest stab at socially and politically charged comedy.