2 Ryan Reynolds Movies Have Been Finding Lots Of Love On Netflix

Ryan Reynolds

Though most people probably know Ryan Reynolds from one of his superhero roles – see: Deadpool, Green Lantern, etc. – the Canadian star has a long, long list of credits under his belt and has popped up in all sorts of different films across various genres. As you may’ve noticed, he likes to stay busy and currently has no less than 13 projects in the works, with some of them much closer to arriving in theaters than others.

Obviously, then, we’ll be seeing a lot of him on our screens in the coming years, but until his next new effort premieres – which will be The Croods: A New Age on November 25th – it seems many people are taking to rewatching his older films to keep themselves entertained. Or at least, Netflix subscribers certainly are.

Yes, according to FlixPatrol, Reynolds currently has two movies dominating the charts today, and they couldn’t be more different from one another. The titles in question are Safe House and The Croods.

safe house

The former is a 2012 thriller co-starring Denzel Washington that sits as the fifth most-watched film on Netflix’s global Top 10 today. An unremarkable but still entertaining flick, it follows a CIA handler in way over his head as he’s tasked with looking after an alleged traitor who’s in his custody.

The Croods, meanwhile, is an animated effort from back in 2013 that went down pretty well amongst both critics and audiences, with the story following “a caveman family who must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy.” As mentioned above, there’s a sequel on the way this year, too, in the form of A New Age. Which is perhaps why the original is the eighth most-watched film on Netflix’s Top 10 US chart today.

So, two totally different movies then, but both well worth a watch if you’ve never seen them. And even if you have, why not flip one of them on this week and revisit some of Ryan Reynolds‘ older work? After all, it’s always nice to go back to his earlier efforts from before he became the A-lister he is today.