2 Fantastic Superhero Movies Are Dominating Netflix Today

The Dark Knight

Following their arrival on Netflix at the start of the month, a couple of the best superhero movies of all time have unsurprisingly shot up the rankings to become two of the most popular titles on the platform today. As of this Thursday, two thirds of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy can be found in the Top 10 most-watched films on Netflix list in the US: 2008’s The Dark Knight is at #3 and 2005’s Batman Begins is at #8.

Eight years after Batman & Robin threatened to destroy his reputation forever, Batman Begins reinvented the Caped Crusader for the 21st century, and it still remains the gold standard when it comes to superhero origin stories. Christian Bale made his debut as Bruce Wayne, tracking the billionaire orphan’s transformation into Gotham’s greatest hero as he battles the likes of Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) and Ra’s al-Ghul (Liam Neeson).

As impressed with Begins as fans were, three years later The Dark Knight arrived and blew us all away. Bale was back as Batman, but this time Heath Ledger wholeheartedly stole the show as the Joker, earning himself a sadly posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as a result. Even after the comic book cinema boom that’s occurred since its release, TDK is still considered the very finest superhero flick of the lot by many.

No doubt if it was on Netflix, subscribers would be lapping up The Dark Knight Rises, too, but frustratingly it’s not currently available to stream alongside its predecessors. If you’ve watched BB and TDK and want to complete the trilogy, though, then you can always rent or purchase the final chapter to the saga on whatever VOD service you prefer to use. Alternatively, another Nolan classic on Netflix US that you might want to revisit after the Batman movies is 2010’s Inception.