One Of 2020’s Best Horror Movies Is Dominating Netflix Today


The world of streaming distribution contracts is a very complex place held together almost entirely by red tape, which is why Hulu’s most successful original movie ever is now blowing up on Netflix.

Run was released last November and soon usurped Andy Samberg’s Palm Springs to become the platform’s most-watched in-house debut ever. But Hulu isn’t available for international customers, so Netflix stepped in to acquire the psychological thriller for overseas markets, and it’s already the sixth most-watched title on the world’s most popular platform despite only being added to the content library yesterday in a number of territories. One of 2020’s truly underrated gems, Run flew largely under the radar despite scoring enthusiastic reviews from critics, and it currently holds an impressive 89% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Searching‘s Aneesh Chaganty reinforces his credentials as a master of contained thrills, weaving a gripping tale that sees Sarah Paulson’s overprotective mother doing everything to ensure her daughter’s safety as she deals with a string of chronic illnesses, before their relationship fractures after a series of life-changing revelations.


Stephen King was full of praise for the movie, and you will be too if you’ve added it to your watch list. Director Chaganty only turned 30 in January, so he’s clearly got a massive future in front of him, while Paulson delivers another reliably committed performance in the two-hander opposite Kiera Allen.

A pair of powerhouse performances, a solid central premise and an unnerving sense of dread permeating every scene makes Run a must-see for fans of the horror and/or thriller genres, but looking at how quickly it managed to reach the top tier of the Netflix most-watched list, it seems a lot of folks have taken the plunge already.