Stephen King Recommends Hulu’s Awesome New Horror Movie


Stephen King has a habit of recommending movies and TV shows to his million of social media followers, and his top picks aren’t always confined to the horror genre that’s proved so beneficial to him over the decades, cementing his reputation as one of the most famous authors on the planet, as well as one of the most heavily adapted figures in Hollywood.

The prolific writer was just one of the 62 million people that checked out The Queen’s Gambit over the last four weeks, and the 73 year-old was so impressed that he recommended it twice. The latest project to have caught King’s eye, though, is definitely more within his wheelhouse, and Hulu’s horror thriller Run is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the year’s best genre movies after racking up an impressive 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

As for the aforementioned author, though, you can see below for what he had to say about it on Twitter:


Director and co-writer Aneesh Chaganty has already shown that he can turn the barest of concepts into gripping cinema having helmed 2018’s Searching, a film packed with atmosphere and tension despite the fact that it unfolds entirely on cellphone and computer screens. Run, meanwhile, stars Sarah Paulson as an overprotective mother living in isolation with her wheelchair-bound and chronically ill daughter, before a series of revelations fracture their relationship forever.

An incredibly suspenseful slow burner, Paulson and Kiera Allen are absolutely phenomenal in their roles, and after initially being scheduled for a theatrical release during Mother’s Day weekend in a smart bit of marketing, it was ultimately pulled from the calendar as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Run is now available exclusively on Hulu, though, and stands every chance of becoming the platform’s most successful original movie since this summer’s Andy Samberg comedy Palm Springs.