Stephen King Has Another Horror TV Show Recommendation For Us


Word of mouth is how many movies and shows gain so much traction in such a socially-charged world, and no one knows that better than acclaimed author Stephen King, who regularly tweets out recommendations for his many Twitter followers. In recent months, he’s enticed fans to check out such releases as prison breakout series Escape at Dannemora, weird Lifetime movie Deranged Granny, and Russian show To the Lake. Earlier this year, he even shared 11 Netflix recommendations to help you survive quarantine, and they’re all still perfectly relevant now.

His newest obsession, meanwhile, makes a lot of sense because it’s partially based on a short story he wrote. Shudder’s A Creepshow Animated Special, which has already gained a lot of attention from horror fans, features two brief animated tales meant to give you a spook, and it seems that King’s a fan of it.


The first tale you’ll be treated to is the author’s own Survivor Type, which has been adapted for the screen by none other than the prolific Greg Nicotero. It stars 24‘s Kiefer Sutherland who does everything he must to survive being stranded on a desert island.

Meanwhile, the second feature, Twittering from the Circus of the Dead, is based on a short story from Joe Hill and adapted by Melanie Dale. It stars Joey King, best known for her role in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth, as a teen whose family road trip doesn’t exactly go the way she had hoped.

It goes without saying that if Stephen King tells you something is enjoyable, there’s a pretty good chance you can trust him. After all, he’s written enough scary novels of his own to become arguably the most well known horror author of all time. As such, you might want to give this one a look.

A Creepshow Animated Special is available to stream right now exclusively on Shudder.