Stephen King Has Another Great Netflix Recommendation For Us

To The Lake

World renowned author Stephen King isn’t shy about sharing movie, TV series and book recommendations with his fans – so much so that we’ve even compiled a list of nearly every time he’s recommended something on Netflix. And now, following his endorsement of an unusual film last week, he’s spoken up about a new show on the aforementioned platform that he feels everyone needs to check out.

Considering King’s immense talent and good eye for quality content, it’s probably worth taking a look at his latest recommendation To the Lake. This Russian sci-fi drama – which debuted on Netflix in the US on October 7th – is quite the timely piece of entertainment for 2020, as it deals with a plague that threatens the survival of the human race. The first season of the show follows a group of survivors from Moscow who travel north in an attempt to find a deserted island, and as expected, plenty goes wrong along the way.

King’s tweets about To the Lake share a few basic observations about the series, including the fact that he thinks that one of the children is a “pain in the ass” – though that’s pretty par for the course in horror and thriller stories, right? He also states that there’s plenty of vodka drinking, lots of freezing cold snow that the characters are forced to endure and the aforementioned plague to contend with.

To The Lake

The first season doesn’t have enough critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for the site to calculate a score at this point, but the three that have been submitted so far are all fresh. Additionally, it has a 79% audience score, so if you’re a fan of apocalyptic dramas, it’s looking like maybe you should give the show a chance.

To the Lake is available to stream on Netflix right now and if Stephen King is to be believed, it’s well worth a watch.