20th Century Fox May Team-Up With Marvel For A Crossover Film


If recent rumors are to be believed, then 20th Century Fox might be considering teaming up with Marvel for some kind of crossover film, likely between the X-Men and The Avengers. The news comes from the latest episode of Collider Heroes, where Matt Key said the following:

“I’ve heard from a few of my sources, my little birds that Fox and Marvel have… kind of talked, but not really, but like there’s interest from Fox, like, ‘Ooh, y’know, what they did with Sony and Spider-Man is actually pretty cool, like, maybe…’ We’re years away from that ever possibly happening… but I think that’s what it would take… Fox joining hands with Marvel…”

That’s far from a definitive statement, but if the two studios have entered talks, it would definitely make sense. After the flop that was Fantastic Four and the wholly mediocre X-Men: Apocalypse, it’s easy to see Fox wanting some assistance from Marvel, especially after they saw how well the whole deal with Sony for Spider-Man worked out.


Of course, it’s not only the X-Men who could be involved in some kind of crossover movie. Some of the Fantastic Four characters could appear in a Marvel film as well if these talks end up materializing into something real. For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Even if something did end up happening, it’d be a very long time before it hit the big screen, as you’ve got to believe that sorting out a deal like this would be a legal nightmare.

Regardless, the fact that Marvel and 20th Century Fox are reportedly talking is very exciting indeed, and for now, we remain hopeful that something will eventually come to fruition.