21 New Movies Hit VOD This Week, Including Nicolas Cage’s Pig

Nicolas Cage Pig

Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of Nicolas Cage’s feature debut, and he was born into Hollywood as part of the Coppola dynasty, but his most recent movie has been scoring the best reviews of a long and illustrious career that’s been marked by highs, lows, awards season glory and billions of box office dollars.

The intimate character piece Pig doesn’t require the actor to go big or broad, and he doesn’t lean into his unique brand of eccentric intensity in the slightest, but it’s one of the best performances he’s ever given nonetheless. Cage stars as Rob, a forager living in the wilderness who exiled himself from society over a decade previously, forced to re-acclimatize when his beloved pet porker goes missing.

That’s just one of 21 new titles available on VOD from today, and you can check out the entire list below, which includes the usual mix of B-tier genre favorites, slashers, actioners, comedy and more.

  • Luca
  • Pig
  • Val
  • Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain
  • Christmas At Cattle Hill
  • She Ball
  • Hum
  • Whirlybird
  • Monuments
  • A Savage Nature
  • About Endlessness
  • Lucky (2021)
  • Fireboys
  • Rising Wolf
  • A Crime On The Bayou
  • This Is Not A Burial, It’s A Resurrection
  • The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2
  • The Unthinkable
  • On The Trail Of UFOs: Dark Sky
  • Finding Kendrick Johnson
  • Enemies Of The State
nicolas cage pig

Those without a Disney Plus subscription will be thrilled to know that Pixar’s latest Luca can now be purchased, and it’s another fantastic coming-of-age story from the animation powerhouse. Undoubtedly the most fascinating release of the week, though, is Val. Val Kilmer accrued almost 800 hours of home video footage documenting his entire personal and professional life, which has been whittled down to a 108-minute portrait of the Top Gun and Batman Forever star.

You don’t even have to be a fan of his work to enjoy it, as evidenced by a solid 94% Rotten Tomatoes score for a piece that offers an unvarnished look at an actor who perhaps hasn’t ever been given the credit he really deserves.