3 From Hell Wasn’t Actually Sid Haig’s Last Movie


September 2019 brought with it the sad passing of actor and genre cinema legend Sid Haig, who’s perhaps most well known for playing Captain Spaulding from 2003’s House of 1000 Corpses and 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects. And in the recent 3 From Hell, the psychotic clown got to make one final appearance, though it wasn’t terribly substantial. Instead, Haig had a drastically reduced role when compared to the previous two outings, with Richard Brake’s Foxy becoming the new third member of the deadly trio.

It was certainly disappointing for fans to see the actor used so sparingly, but during the press tour for the threequel, director Rob Zombie had explained that Haig’s health was quickly deteriorating – which led to the reduced role – and that 3 From Hell was the horror icon’s final film. But as pointed out by the folks over at ScreenRant, this simply isn’t true.

You see, Sid actually has two more movies coming down the pipeline, and they’re both of the horror variety. There’s Hanukkah, coming next year around Christmas, and also Abruptiowhich is still without a release date. And while you could say that perhaps these projects were shot before 3 From Hell and the director was just referring to his movie being the last one that Haig filmed, ScreenRant points out that that’s not the case.

Doing some digging, they found that the actor actually filmed his scenes for Hanukkah in October 2018, after he completed his role as Spaulding in 3 From Hell in March of that same year. Which begs the question of why Zombie touted his latest effort as Sid’s final movie?

Perhaps he was just misinformed, or maybe he wanted to drum up some hype? Whatever the case may be, it’s good to know that audiences still have a few performances from Sid Haig to look forward to following his disappointingly small role in 3 From Hell.

Source: ScreenRant