44-Minute Documentary For The Revenant Finds Beauty In The Wilderness


Curious as to how Emmanuel Lubezki and director Alejandro G. Iñárritu captured Hugh Glass’ harrowing journey in The Revenant? Today’s 44-minute documentary ought to answer your questions.

Thrusting the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, Domhnall Gleeson and one pissed off grizzly onto the bitter-cold American frontier, Iñárritu’s Oscar hopeful was drew praise for its gripping story and naturalistic style. It was a production fraught with environmental problems, too, and in the lead up to the film’s release DiCaprio et al. conceded that temperamental weather was the biggest obstacle for the cast and crew to overcome, which would often lead to reshooting at a very specific time of day.

Couple this with Iñárritu’s commitment to filming in chronological order and you have what should have been a recipe for disaster that ultimately produced a cinematic car crash, but low and behold, the filmmaker’s creative effort is a visual masterclass, even if the narrative isn’t on par with the breathtaking scenery. One thing’s for certain, as today’s in-depth video showcases, the Oscar-winner is extremely proud to call The Revenant his own:

Yeah, I’m very proud of it. There’s absolutely nothing that I kept in my pockets — that’s all that I’ve got to give. It almost killed me, too.

I think it’s a very ambitious film. It was always conceived with high standards, and it was maybe a very crazy, irresponsible idea to have made. And I never expected it to be as challenging as it was in reality. But having survived it, maybe having died and been reborn many times during the shooting, I feel extraordinarily proud.

Lubezki, DiCaprio, Iñárritu, Tom Hardy and The Revenant itself have all been nominated in the major categories going into this year’s Academy Awards, and you can get the skinny on each nominee with our thorough assessment of the Oscar hopefuls.