5 Robert Pattinson Movies Are Dominating Netflix This Week


Just as we expected, The Twilight Saga – starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – has returned with a vengeance. The equivalent of cinematic comfort food for a generation of fans, longtime supporters of the literary adaptations put their Team Edward or Team Jacob allegiances to one side in order to rewatch the franchise from start to finish.

As a five-film series that initially hauled in over $3.3 billion at the box office and spawned an often frenzied but always dedicated following, there was no other outcome besides Twilight dominating Netflix’s most-watched list, and the only surprise is how quickly it ended up happening.

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and both halves of Breaking Dawn were only added to the library less than four days ago, but they take up half of the streamer’s Top 10 feature film rankings. The first installment reached as high as third position, which was inevitable when old and new fans alike would take the plunge to see if they had any interest in revisiting the other four.


New Moon and Eclipse took sixth and seventh, so the chronological order on the viewership rankings does indeed make it clear that the Twihards weren’t doing half measures, and sought to devour all five in the shortest possible amount of time. Slightly further back, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was in tenth place, which is a little strange when the final chapter in the story sits in eighth. Unless of course they just wanted to get to the good stuff, making the first half disposable by comparison.

Interest is going to drop off eventually, but based on the online reactions, there was an army of loyal Twilight supporters out there who cleared their respective schedules to get comfortable and binge away.