Twilight Fans Freaking Out Over The Franchise Being Added To Netflix


Are we set for The Twilight Saga to experience a massive resurgence in popularity? Looking at both the social media reactions and most-watched chart since the five-film series was added to Netflix on Friday, it certainly looks that way, which is a terrifying prospect for the folks who remember the absolute anarchy and mayhem the Twihards generated at the brand’s cultural zenith.

Of course, it’s been thirteen years since the first installment hit theaters and kickstarted a global phenomenon, so even the younger members of the original fandom will be staring their late 20s right in the face, so perhaps they’ve become a little more reserved over the years. Then again, looking at the unbridled joy that greeted Stephenie Meyer announcing new book Midnight Sun last year, that might not be the case.

Understandably, many folks have seen their dormant love of Twilight reignited since the entirety of the franchise was thrust upon the platform’s unsuspecting and unprepared subscribers a couple of days ago, and you can check out some of the responses below.


If you weren’t there the first time around, then it’s hard to overstate the rabid and fanatical dedication that The Twilight Saga fostered among its audience, with kids and Karens alike ready to throw hands depending on whether you were Team Edward of Team Jacob, while haunting CGI baby Renesmee still remains the stuff of nightmares.

Looking at the social media buzz, it would appear as though The Twilight Saga is back, baby. Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely dependent on your personal preference, but it might be a while before Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and both parts of Breaking Dawn come down from the Netflix Top 10.