5 Spider-Man Movies Are Now Streaming On The Same Platform


As the only one of the ‘Big Five’ Hollywood studios that don’t own an in-house streaming service, Sony have been struggling greater than most with the financial implications of the pandemic. As a result, the company have sold off a huge number of titles to rival platforms during the last eighteen months, and the majority of the financial eggs are being placed in the baskets marked Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Sony have a deal in place with Netflix that’ll see the back catalogue of Spider-Man and other Marvel blockbusters stream there after their initial theatrical runs, but they’ll also end up migrating to Disney Plus eventually so that the Mouse House can ultimately say that its got the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe collection in one place.

The good news for Netflix subscribers is that five live-action blockbusters revolving around the friendly neighborhood web-slinger can all currently be found in the same place, but the bad news is that they’re only available to customers in the United Kingdom, as you can see below.

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was only added to Netflix UK yesterday, but it’s already become one of the most-watched titles on the platform. There’s no word on if and/or when local audiences can expect the second and third installments, though, but you’d have to imagine a deal is already in place for them to be made available once the contracts lapse on the tangled small print that’s seen countless Sony titles bounce across various platforms with reckless abandon.