6 Underground 2 Will Reportedly Have The Craziest Action Of Any Michael Bay Movie

6 Underground

Michael Bay has spent the last quarter of a century blowing sh*t up on the big screen better than just about anybody, and whatever the majority of his movies lack in terms of an engaging plot, well-rounded characters or any semblance of common sense, they more than deliver when it comes to the explosive action sequences.

Since making his feature debut on Bad Boys back in 1995, the orchestrator of cinematic Bayhem has gone on to helm a further thirteen features, and while The Rock is arguably still his best effort by some distance, Bad Boys II was the filmmaker at his most deliriously unhinged. The buddy cop sequel contains enough set pieces to power at least half a dozen blockbusters, and sees Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett engage in countless gun battles, fistfights, car chases and shootouts, leaving an awe-inspiring trail of destruction in their wake.

6 Underground

It’s peak, unadulterated Michael Bay in its purest form, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us an Extraction sequel was in development long before it was confirmed – that 6 Underground 2 will reportedly have the most insane action the director has ever put to film, which is an exciting if slightly terrifying prospect.

After all, a set video from his latest effort Ambulance showed Bay on a camera rig almost being wiped out by a rogue vehicle during a fairly routine stunt by his standards, and that’s supposed to be a smaller-scale thriller. 6 Underground cost $150 million, so the idea of the Armageddon and Transformers architect being given free rein to do whatever the hell he wants in terms of the action in the follow-up is sure to generate some excitement among his fans.