Extraction Sequel Reportedly In Development, Chris Hemsworth Returning


It’s only been a few days since Extraction hit Netflix and the movie has already become a sensation. Not only is it the most popular film on the streaming service, but it’s also number one on Netflix’s overall Top 10. Fans are raving about it on social media, too, and as one might expect, there’s now talk of a sequel.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Disney were developing a live-action Robin Hood, Han was returning in Fast & Furious 9 and Ryan Reynolds had a surprise cameo in Hobbs & Shaw, all of which were correct – Netflix had signed a deal with the Russo brothers that included sequel options. While this was presumably contingent on the movie being successful, it’s certainly been a big hit and now, the plan is to push forward with another one.

Of course, if you’ve seen Extraction, you’ll know that the ending was a bit ambiguous, but from what we understand, the follow-up will reveal that Tyler (Chris Hemsworth) survived despite taking one to the jugular at the hands of a teenage boy who acted as a henchman for the main villain. The sequel will apparently see the return of that same kid who’ll be several years older thanks to a time jump and will act as one of the antagonists of Extraction 2. Plot details beyond that remain unclear, but we’re certainly intrigued to learn more and see where Tyler’s story goes from here.

After all, outside of Rush, Extraction might be Hemsworth’s most enjoyable non-MCU movie. And while it certainly takes a few story beats from the John Wick franchise, it’s a well-crafted action pic thanks to the Russos and first-time director Sam Hargrave, who delivers some excellent set pieces.

Hopefully the sequel will give us a little more backstory on Tyler’s personal life as well as his right-hand woman, Nik Khan (Golshifteh Farahani), too. She’s a badass in the movie and might even deserve a spinoff of her own after we saw her in action at the end.

In any case, for me personally, it was definitely exciting sitting down to watch Extraction on Friday night. It kind of felt like opening night at the theater. Sounds like a lot of Netflix viewers had a similar experience and they wouldn’t mind seeing Hemsworth do it again. And thankfully, they’ll get to do just that.