6 Underground Prequel For Dave Franco’s Six Reportedly In Development

6 Underground

Here’s some news for you regarding 6 Underground, a film that passed by relatively unnoticed at the time of its release, but I’ve since seen getting heavily promoted during the coronavirus lockdown.

It seems Netflix are keen to exploit the influx of viewers as well and get a return on Michael Bay’s advance, as according to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said Transformers is being rebooted and Ahsoka Tano will cameo in The Mandalorian – the brains at Netters are developing a 6 Underground spinoff for Dave Franco, a prequel that’ll focus on how his character first joined the original film’s group. No, that’s not a sentence that’s ever been written before, nor will it be written ever again come to think of it.

It’s only “in development” at this stage and won’t 100% make it to screens, but it’s certainly something Netflix is hoping to bring us. It’s also unclear whether Michael Bay will be helming it. He’s not got anymore Transformers movies in the pipeline though, so perhaps this franchise is the next big Bay thing? I appreciate that’s not going to do morale any good at this testing time. People have suffered enough already.

Tell us, though, do you have any thoughts on this potential 6 Underground spinoff project? None? Not even one? Guess that’s what none means. I was only being polite.

Anyways, seeing as finding substantive opinions on an unmade prequel to a Michael Bay Netflix movie is likely asking too much, I’ll expand the brief to any thoughts on the Michael Bay Netflix movie itself. That is, to anyone who’s actually seen it, was it good, was it bad, was it more enjoyable than Transformers: Age of Extinction. Actually, scratch that, I’ve had gastric flu that was more enjoyable than Transformers: Age of Extinction. That bar could not possibly be lower.