Less Than 100 People Showed Up To Raid Area 51 In The End

Alien Raid Area 51

There’ve been many a conspiracy theory formed over the years. JFK’s assassination, Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, Marilyn Monroe’s assassination…jeez, they’ve mostly been about assassinations. But, no bigger theory exists than the alien technology/biology being held at the mysterious Area 51 in Nevada.

Back in June, a hapless Facebook user made the “Raid Area 51” event as a joke, which quickly ballooned into something much grander. The Vox Populi (aka a bunch of nerds in said Facebook event) have been threatening to storm the base for months now and finally, that day is here and as expected, the results have been, as Immortan Joe would say, mediocre. Out of the millions of people who said they would show up, only 75 individuals actually followed through and attended.

Even though the creator disavowed the whole thing, deleted the event and cancelled a weird-sounding music festival that was to take place a town over, people still seemed amendment about actually storming the base. Many memes were created and one was even acted out on live television, while many military officials were worried for possible shenanigans and threatened to protect their interests.

However, outside of one arrest and one detainment, nothing really happened. The infringers were, per NY1, “a man who was urinating near the gate…and a woman [who] was detained for an undisclosed reason.” No revelations, no nothing. It’s Al Capone’s vault all over again. The fears of violent protests were instantly quashed when the meager turnout was much less than expected and everyone’s just chilled out at this point.

One would think this fizzle out would be the end of the whole raiding of Area 51 saga, right? Well, not exactly. Apparently, The Travel Channel is making a show called Storming Area 51, which is going to recreate the events of the whole ordeal, along with adding in some “otherworldly encounters,” per their press release. That’s…something, I guess. Honestly, the internet never fails to astound me.