8 New Movies Hit VOD This Weekend, Including Liam Neeson’s Latest Thriller

Honest Thief

Every Friday brings the weekly slate of new arrivals on VOD, but pickings are pretty slim today. Obviously, it’s the first day of 2021 and there are going to be an awful lot of sore heads around the world from the celebrations, as muted as they were legally mandated to be. But the biggest titles have been hitting the various streaming services on offer, and nobody wants to release their movie when the majority of audiences are otherwise occupied.

Indeed, the surprisingly polarizing Wonder Woman 1984, Pixar’s latest emotional roller coaster Soul, Robert Rodriguez’s hugely popular family friendly superhero film We Can Be Heroes and season 3 of Cobra Kai will be dominating the conversation for the foreseeable future, and as a result, there are only eight debutants on VOD this weekend.

The biggest of the bunch is the latest in the long line of Liam Neeson action thrillers, with Honest Thief boasting the unique premise of a career criminal who’s desperate to turn himself in but ends up being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The workmanlike effort doesn’t break any new ground, but should be appealing enough to fans of the veteran star, and you can check out the full list of newbies below.

  • A Mind Like Still Water
  • Shadow in the Cloud
  • Honest Thief
  • The Last Shift
  • Two Ways Home
  • The One You Feed
  • Lowdown Dirty Criminals
  • Zombie Bro

Honest Thief

If Liam Neeson doesn’t float your boat, then Chloe Grace Moretz headlines what’s easily the most bizarre new movie of the week in Shadow in the Cloud, with the 23 year-old playing a World War II pilot on a top secret mission who ends up forced to deal with a mischievous gremlin trying to sabotage her aircraft in a wild genre mashup co-written by Hollywood exile Max Landis. Like we said, slim pickings this week, but you never know, there might be something that tickles your fancy.