9 Female Superheroes That Should Get Their Own Films


If the DCEU is considering a big-screen competitor to rival the Punisher, Huntress is a real and possible solution. A film starring Helena Bertinelli could go a long way in breaking the numerous stereotypes about female superheroes and actually give us a heroine who isn’t afraid to cross moral lines to get the job done.

As it stands, her origin and history with her mobster father makes for the perfect tale about vengeance and bloodlust. Throw in her lukewarm relationship with Batman and the GCPD, and there’s a real chance to explore what happens when vigilantes clash over ideals and methods. There’s your first draft right there, DC.

We’ve seen enough comic book movies where the heroes ultimately do the right thing and follow the path of righteousness and all the goody two-shoes stuff. So, maybe it’s time that we see a proper film where they show no mercy to those scumbag criminals.

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