9 New Movies And 1 New TV Show Hit Netflix Today

The Wrong Missy

With the work week now winding down, folks are no doubt looking for something to relax with and once again, it seems Netflix has us all covered.

Yes, a new day means more new content and today continues that trend, with the streaming giant bringing us no less than 10 new titles to dig into – including a new Netflix Original. And below, you can check out all 9 movies, and the 1 TV show, that arrived on the platform today, courtesy of the fine folks over at What’s On Netflix.

9 New Movies Added

  • Dilan 1990 (2018)
  • Dilan 1991 (2019)
  • Fan of Amoory (2018)
  • Fire in the Blood (2013)
  • Match (2017)
  • Rencor tatuado (Tatoo of Revenge) (2018)
  • The Delivery Boy (2018)
  • The Wrong Missy (2020) Netflix Original
  • Wedy Atkalam (2018)

1 New TV Series Added

  • Riverdale (Season 4)

The Wrong Missy

While it might be a fairly substantial drop, with 10 new titles, there unfortunately isn’t much that stands out. If you’ve been keeping up with Riverdale though, you might be happy to now know that you can dig into the fourth season again – or for the first time – but that aside, there’s nothing else in terms of television.

And as for movies, well, not much really pops aside from perhaps The Wrong Missy. The new Netflix Original has actually been available since yesterday in most regions, so it’s odd that What’s On Netflix is including it on their May 14th list, but regardless, it’s a fun little comedy that delivers some raunchy laughs.

It’s beyond stupid and won’t require much brain power to get through, but if you’re looking to just unwind and shut your mind off, it’s an easy watch that’ll probably put a smile on your face more than a few times. But again, it’ll also have you rolling your eyes throughout.

Tell us, though, what do you plan on checking out on Netflix tonight? Do any of these titles catch your eye? Sound off below and let us know.

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