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90s kids rejoice, a long-awaited new instalment of your favorite raunchy franchise is baking away

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Get ready for another rowdy coming of age story in the form of a new American Pie film, which is inbound from the writing talents of Sujata Day, the mind behind Definition Please, and the star of Insecure.

At this point in time, not a whole lot is known about the new entry to the long-running raunchy comedy series besides the Day’s writing credit, originally reported by THR, so it is unclear whether it will see the return of the cast from the mainline films or if it will be another American Pie Presents: spin-off. It’s surely more likely to be the latter, considering the original American Pie’s aging cast coming together for a re-reunion’ would be kind of grim, but we’ve been surprised before.

The last time we saw American Pie’s original cast consisting of Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Chris Klein, Alyson Hannigan, and Tara Reid among others come together was ten years ago in American Reunion. Set thirteen years after the ensemble cast’s graduation, the gang’s all grown up and starting families, with fan-favorite jock Stifler unsurprisingly being the least grown up of the lot. It featured plenty of callbacks to the most hilarious moments the series had to offer.

Sujata Day’s American Pie film would mark the ninth entry in the ongoing sex comedy franchise, with the most recent addition being 2020’s American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules which currently sits at a paltry 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

While the film series has never particularly been a critical success, with even the original American Pie sitting at a lukewarm 60% rating, something about this film franchise keeps bringing its audience back.

Earlier this year, Steven Stifler actor Seann William Scott reflected on the legacy of American Pie, musing that the sex-fuelled film series probably wouldn’t have been made in today’s day and age. 

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