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A beloved Halloween classic stirs up nightmarish nostalgia among the horror faithful

We'll die on the hill of this being one of the best Halloween movies.

Trick 'r Treat horror movie 2007
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Michael Dougherty’s cult classic horror spectacle Trick ‘r Treat is highly regarded as one of the most favored sleeper hits in the realm of cinematic horror. And perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of the 2007 flick is its authentic premise, which combines four different Halloween-themed stories and brings all of them together in the end for one final twist. In addition, the film’s central horror villain Sam has become a dominant figure in horror and is undoubtedly one of the elements that draw folks in.

Despite being released nearly twenty years ago, Trick ‘r Treat still continues to resonate with horror diehards to this day — especially on the r/horror subreddit. User u/i–hate–children unapologetically confessed their love for the movie’s overall captivating plot and its blend of comedy and humor, while simultaneously asking why the film didn’t spawn a sequel.

Unsurprisingly, it took less than a few minutes for fellow horror fans on Reddit to offer up their praise for the iconic cult classic. Many commenters quickly labeled the attractive flick as their favorite Halloween movie and echoed plenty of adoration for it.

On the other hand, some spooky enthusiasts have admitted to never seeing the film, but plan to happily embark on it this Halloween when it finally hits theaters!

True, there is an overabundance of horror flicks to sink your teeth into during the ever-festive season. Still, as echoed by an array of horror fans in the thread, Trick ‘r Treat is a sure-fire prototype that collectively captures the essence and excitement of Halloween — making it a must-watch for movie-lovers everywhere.

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