A Beloved Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Leaving Netflix

Ryan Reynolds

Treasured Ryan Reynolds film Turbo has officially met its end, with Netflix at least. DreamWorks’ 2013 animated classic will be leaving the streaming service on Sept. 11, almost two years after it became available to watch.

The film, which stars the father of three, follows the life of an ordinary snail named Turbo as he embarks on a journey of becoming “the world’s greatest racer” at the Indianapolis 500 track after obtaining the power of super speed in a freak accident.

Turbo also starred many high-profile actors and actresses including Samuel L. Jackson, Maya Rudolph, Snoop Dogg, Michelle Rodriguez, Ben Schwartz, Ken Jeong, Michael Pina and a slew of others. Back in 2013, upon the movie’s initial release, Reynolds disclosed how much he fell in love with Turbo‘s plot. He said during an interview with the TODAY show, “I just love it. I fell in love with this movie the day we started working on it.”

He added that the reason why he cherished this role so much was that he found his character relatable. “I think we all had somebody in our lives that said you are not good enough, you’re not fast enough, tall enough, smart enough. You can’t do it. You shouldn’t do it… I think everyone relates to that you know. To be able to persevere beyond that despite [what] those voices are–I think is a beautiful message.”