A Beloved Tim Burton Movie Is Taking Over Disney Plus

A beloved – and very timely – Tim Burton movie is taking over Disney Plus right now. 1993’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has forever been at the center of an internet debate over whether it counts as a Halloween film or a Christmas film. Well, it looks like D+ subscribers have definitively settled that debate as the iconic stop-motion animation is currently killing it on the Mouse House’s streaming service.

As we’re getting nearer to All Hallow’s Eve, it looks like Disney lovers around the world are rewatching Burton’s timeless tale. As of this Sunday, October 10th, Nightmare stands as the seventh most-watched movie on Disney Plus across the globe, up two places from its previous ranking (as per the latest stats from Flix Patrol). In the United States specifically, it’s currently the fourth most popular film on the platform.

Like certain other acclaimed entries in Disney’s pantheon, e.g. The Lion King, Nightmare was initially a project the studio was highly skeptical about. After initially being developed as an official Walt Disney Studios animated movie, it was ultimately released under the now-defunct Touchstone Pictures banner – which was typically reserved for adult-oriented productions – due to execs getting squeamish over its darker tone.


These days, of course, Disney has fully embraced Nightmare as part of its canon. In fact, recent years have seen rumors of a live-action remake, or at least some sort of follow-up or spinoff, percolating, though these have yet to be confirmed. An official sequel novel from YA author Shea Ernshaw, about Jack Skellington’s bride Sally, is set to arrive in 2022, however.

Until another movie gets here, though, the original’s popularity on Disney Plus right now proves that audiences are happy to revisit The Nightmare Before Christmas year after year as it is. Even with viral TikTok videos reminding us of its less savory elements.