Live-Action Nightmare Before Christmas Reboot Still In Development


Disney’s currently working through its back catalogue of animated classics to remake in live-action (or CGI), but you might’ve thought that The Nightmare Before Christmas would be safe from the treatment given that it’s a highly unusual entry in the Mouse House’s stable. Nonetheless, it’s sounding like the studio is still planning on some sort of follow-up to the beloved 1993 stop-motion gothic musical.

You may remember that back in February, MovieHole reported that they had it on good authority that Disney was seriously considering working on a sequel to the film that may end up being live-action. Now, sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us an Aladdin sequel was in development before it was later confirmed – have informed us that the project is still in the works and is definitely happening.

From what we understand, this new take will be a reboot/sequel to the first film – kind of like The Suicide Squad – so not necessarily a straight-up remake like most of Disney’s productions in this regard. However, it’ll still be “faithful” to the Henry Selick-directed effort, so take that how you will. Despite the live-action label we’re hearing is attached to it, I’d still speculate that it’ll be mostly CGI, given the kooky nature of the characters. Jack Skellington would really lose something if he was just a guy in a suit and make-up, after all.


Tim Burton – who conceived of the story and the characters – is known to be against the idea of doing more Nightmare movies, but it’s possible that he’s changed his mind of late or he simply doesn’t have enough say in the matter to keep Disney from doing it. Jack voice actor Chris Sarandon, meanwhile, would love a sequel, but it’s unknown at this stage whether any of the original cast would return.

What do you think, though? Would you be into seeing a Nightmare Before Christmas follow-up? Have your say in the comments section down below and as always, stay tuned for further updates.