The Nightmare Before Christmas Star Says He’d Do Anything For A Sequel


Now that it’s “spooky season,” folks around the globe are watching 1993’s The Nightmare Before Christmas yet again. The perennial holiday favorite – that holiday being either Halloween, Christmas or both, depending on your personal preference – has only gained more and more fans over the years. And given that Disney is so keen to dust off its old classics nowadays, it doesn’t seem out of the question that a sequel could happen.

If it did, actor Chris Sarandon – who provided the speaking voice for Jack Skellington, while the singing was done by composer Danny Elfman – would love to return as the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown. When speaking to, Sarandon made clear that he would go to any lengths to do another movie, saying:

“I’d crawl on my hands and knees, from the east coast to the west coast, in the spring or the fall, to do it again. Of course I would. I love that character and I love that I’m part of a legacy of that character as well.”


Originally, Disney got cold feet about the movie, which came from the mind of Tim Burton and was directed by Henry Selick, ultimately releasing it under their Touchstone label and not the Walt Disney Pictures header. Once it proved to be a hit, however, Nightmare became a firm part of the Disney family, featuring heavily in resorts, theme parks, merchandizing…you name it.

There were reports earlier this year that a live-action remake could even be on the way. The news was met with trepidation for fans of the original stop-motion animated film though, so if a follow-up did have to happen, a sequel that got the original voice cast back would probably be the way to go. Burton has revealed in the past, though, that he wouldn’t be keen on the idea as he wants to preserve the “purity” of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it may not be up to him, unfortunately.

In any case, we’ll keep you posted should we learn anything more about the Mouse House’s plans for the property.