A Brutal Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

Ryan Reynolds

A brutal Ryan Reynolds movie is blowing up on Netflix today. The Canadian star is known these days as a superhero movie icon, thanks to his roles in Green Lantern, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the Deadpool films. But his comic book cinema debut came way back in 2004’s Blade: Trinity. And though it’s widely agreed to be the weakest of the Blade trilogy, and a pretty rough movie overall, Netflix users around the globe are loving it right now.

As of this Monday, Blade: Trinity is the 16th most-watched movie on the streaming platform the world over. Reynolds stars as vampire hunter Hannibal King, appearing alongside Wesley Snipes’ eponymous Daywalker and Jessica Biel as fellow hunter Abigail Whistler. While 1998’s Blade and 2002’s Blade II are cult favorites, Trinity received bad reviews at the time and is still thought of pretty poorly today. But maybe the appeal of Reynolds is what’s convincing Netflix subscribers to give it another go.

It’s worth revisiting the Blade trilogy in general, though, seeing as Marvel Studios is working on a reboot of the franchise. Mahershala Ali is signed on to take over from Snipes, though fans are hoping that the former leading star will pop up for a cameo role. A director has yet to be found but Watchmen scribe Stacy Amma Osei-Kuffour is attached to pen the script.

Hannibal King Blade Trinity

As for Reynolds, he’s officially hopping over to the MCU, too, as she’s due to reprise the Merc with the Mouth in Deadpool 3 and likely a few more movies besides that. It’s feasible, then, that he could cross paths with Blade again in the franchise, which would be pretty fun as it would bring his Marvel career full circle.

Ryan Reynolds will next be see in Free Guy, hitting theaters on August 13th. Blade: Trinity isn’t on Netflix in the US but it is in various other territories.