Wesley Snipes Says He’s Waiting By The Door For An Invite To The Blade Reboot


Wesley Snipes has always had a reputation for being a little on the eccentric side, and with the actor currently the subject of many interviews surrounding his scene-stealing supporting performance in Amazon’s smash hit comedy sequel Coming 2 America, the longtime action hero has been all over the press circuit recently.

Naturally, when people talk to Snipes, the conversation will eventually turn to his thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Blade reboot, and his answers usually tend to involve him tailing off into at least one bizarre tangent. The 58 year-old has admitted in the past that he’s more than open to the idea of making a cameo appearance, but you get the distinct impression that he’d much rather be playing the title character himself.

The Demolition Man star has already given successor Mahershala Ali his seal of approval while saying he’s excited to see what the two-time Academy Award winner can bring to his version of the Daywalker, and in a new interview, he confirmed that he’d spoken to Kevin Feige about the project in the past. Not only that, but he once again revealed his willingness to get involved in the reboot in typical Wesley Snipes fashion.

“We’ve talked, man, and Feige always says, ‘Well, you know, we’re thinking about it, we’re trying to figure it out’. Then one day I saw in the news, and everybody started calling me up saying, ‘Hey, Mahershala is going to be playing the new Blade’. I was like, ‘Well, I guess Kevin didn’t have my number. Okay’. So I actually don’t know. You know, I’m always willing to rock with anyone who wants to rock with me, you know? We’re doing similar work. We have wonderful product that we will bring to market, and if I can rock with Marvel, that’s great. If I can’t rock with Marvel, all right. You know? I’ll wait by the door. I’ll just put on some nice heels and a nice skirt and something. I’ll just wait by the door and say, ‘Hi Kevin’.”

As much as fans would love to see it happen, having Wesley Snipes show up in the pic could prove to be a distraction, and might even end up detracting from Ali’s take on Eric Brooks in the process. It’d be a little too winking and self-aware, but it can’t definitively be ruled out at this stage, either. Even if it doesn’t end up coming to fruition, though, the original vintage probably won’t lose much sleep over it after revealing that he’s working on something that he described as Blade on steroids.