The Internet Is Loving Wesley Snipes In Coming 2 America

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes might be best known for his work as an action hero, but he’s starred in more than a few comedies during the course of his 35-year career. While he’s largely tended to rely on his innate natural charisma and martial arts prowess, he’s a lot funnier in the right project than he often gets credit for.

The case in point is Prime Video’s Coming 2 America, which sees Eddie Murphy reprising all four roles he played in the 1988 original. While everyone knows that the leading man is no stranger to a comedy vehicle, many viewers have been surprised by the fact that Snipes has turned up and stolen the entire movie.

The 58 year-old portrays General Izzi, and after his memorable supporting role opposite Murphy in Netflix’s acclaimed comic drama Dolemite Is My Name, perhaps he’s set for a full blown reinvention in the latter stages of his career. Based on the social media reactions you can check out below, a lot of Coming 2 America fans certainly share the opinion that Snipes is the star of the show, and the man himself even chimed in to thank them for their support.

Coming 2 America-Eddie-Murphy

For someone who was imprisoned for tax evasion a decade ago, a full-blown Wesley Snipes comeback would be quite the Hollywood resurrection story. While he’s still content to dwell in the VOD action realm, with more than a few projects in the works, after gaining strong notices for both Dolemite and Coming 2 America, his next outing opposite Kevin Hart in Netflix’s semi-autobiographical miniseries True Story could be yet another reminder that there are many more strings to Snipes’ bow than simply roundhouse kicking bad guys in the face.